Monday, July 30, 2012

She Got It

This is just a random update blog about what's going on in my life right now. :)

I'm actually pretty happy with things for the most part. It's been a crazy journey to get here but my life is more stable than it has been for the last 8 years. Court has been over with, and all I can say is KARMA is a bitch. Don't press charges on people for ridiculous shit when you've done things a million times worse. That's what you get for being a homewrecking whore. (Sorry, had to add that...) I have an amazing fiance of over 3 years now, and 2 amazing, intelligent daughters that I love with all of my heart and soul. I'm on my grind && doing what I need to do for me && mine. :)

I'm starting to let go of things from the past. People I'm mad at, negative things weighing on my heart, etc. Those people are not even worth my time, and I can honestly say that I'm starting to let things go and not worry about them anymore.

That being said, I've surrounded myself with good people and I'm so thankful I've met the friends I have in the last few months. They are people that I can trust and people that I believe have my best interest at heart. My closest friends are honest and not two-faced (something I can't say for people from my past). I'm a lot more careful of who I let into my life because I've been burned before but I can see people like that from a mile away now.

"Friendship;; it doesn't matter how long you've known each other. What matters is who said "I'll be here for you" and proved it. ♥"

The one negative thing that has happened in the past couple months is that my fiance's father passed away. He'd had cancer for a little while but all of a sudden we found out it spread, he got pneumonia, and then he passed away in the hospital on 02/15/12. It's been really difficult but it's bittersweet because we know that he's not suffering and in pain anymore. We will miss him and he will DEFINITELY never be forgotten... We're thankful for the precious time we got to spend with him. Heaven got another angel while an amazing family man has left this earth... We love you, Dad.

I've been working on this blog page for a while but didn't make it public until I added all of my previous blogs that I had on my Facebook. I have a lot more that I'm in the process of writing so stay tuned, they'll be up soon. ;)

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