Sunday, August 13, 2017

Revlon Youth FX Primer Review

Hello Gorgeous;

I've been trying a lot of new products lately and am going to post a lot of reviews in the coming weeks. I love reading new product reviews because (unfortunately) I'm not rich and have to be frugal with my money. Reviews help me decide what to buy and try out and what I shouldn't waste my money on. Since I've been trying so many new products lately, I thought it would be a good idea to review some of them for you guys so you know what's worth buying and what you can live without. Of course different products work differently for different people, and my opinion/review of a product isn't the end all be all, but like I said it's always helpful to see what other people think about something before dropping money on it. Here are my thoughts...

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What it Claims:

Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Primer for Face/Neck instantly smooths skin. Powered by innovative age corrective technology with micro-fillers and optical diffusers, this formula works to fill and blur lines and wrinkles for immediate results.

  • Targets face and neck wrinkles specifically
  • Smooth-touch applicator in tear drop shape targets both large and small lines and wrinkles, and allows for easy blending
  • Universal shade that works for all skin tones

I really like the applicator. It took me a minute to figure out how to get the product out, lol, but once I figured it out I was really happy with the way the product dispenses. You push from the bottom and it comes out of the little holes on top. It's not messy and you can easily control exactly how much you want to come out. Even just touching it for the first time, it's super silky and I loved the consistency.

First Use:

It's a thick primer but very smooth and blendable. It reminds me of the Smashbox Photoready primer a little bit. It comes out in a nude color but is basically translucent when applied so it will work for every skin tone. It did what it claims and lightly blurred my problem areas/the little wrinkle I have on my forehead and my laugh lines. I applied it first with my fingers, and the next time I used it I applied it with a damp beauty blender. Both ways worked well.


I would definitely recommend this primer. It's super smooth and blendable, and will fill in wrinkles and large pores. It makes it very easy to apply concealer and foundation over it, and definitely helped keep my makeup looking flawless during a long, hot day. It's also mattifying so it would be great for someone with oily or combination skin.

Final Thoughts:

I'll definitely be using this primer often. I would like to try the other products from this collection as well, including the forehead primer, foundation, and the concealer.

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Have you tried any of the products from Revlon's new Youth FX line? If so, what did you think of them? What are you interested in trying from this line, if anything? Let me know in the comments below! 😘

xo, Sarah