Saturday, July 22, 2017

TanTowel Self-Tan Towelettes Review

Hey Lovelies!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer! I apologize for not posting much lately. There has been a TON going on lately and I've been really busy. I'll try to get better about posting more often, I promise! ☺
Anyway I was sent some goodies from TanTowel to try out. I'm love tanning and self tanning, so I was super excited to receive this in the mail! Here's what they sent:

I've tried countless tanning products over the years, but had never tried a self tanning towelette before I tried these. I was a little skeptical at first. Here are my thoughts on this product.

The application was super easy. You just apply the product by rubbing the towel on your face and body in circular motions. There isn't a color guide, so it's easy to miss a spot and not notice. You have to be super careful to not do that. There is one towelette per package, and although it's supposed to be able to cover your entire body, it didn't for me. It started drying out after I applied it to the top half of my body, so I did end up having to use two and a separate facial one for a full body application. I was very surprised how quickly the product dried. I was completely dry in under 5 minutes. I didn't get that awful sticky feeling either, like I do with many self tanning products. My absolute favorite thing about this product is that it doesn't smell ANYTHING like all of the other self-tanning products. It has a citrus scent to it that smells super fresh instead of the dreaded normal self-tanner odor.

I wasn't as impressed as I was hoping to be with the results, to be honest. It did give me a subtle glow, but nothing compared to my Jergens, San Tropez, or Fake Bake products. Maybe it's buildable color and would work better after a few applications, but seeing as they are $27 for 10 towelettes, that would end up being pretty costly. These towelettes might be good to use with another product, but on they're own they're simply not worth it and don't live up to the hype.

How Long It Lasts:
Because it was only a very subtle "natural glow", the color only lasted for a couple days before it started to fade. You would have to reapply multiple times per week to keep a good color.

Overall Opinion/Last Thoughts:
Unfortunately I probably won't be using Tan Towels again. They are too pricey and don't give enough color for it to justify spending that much money on them. I do however, think they're good for touch-ups and because they're individually wrapped it makes them very convenient. You can just slip a couple in your purse to use for later. These were nice to try, but I don't see myself going out and spending money on them. The color payoff isn't what I was hoping for, so it's just not worth it in my honest opinion.
Have you ever tried Tan Towel self-tanning towelettes? If so, what did you think of them? If you've never tried these, what self-tanning products do you use regularly/what products would you suggest? Let me know in the comments below! 💖