Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nails of the Week -- 12/29/13 "Snow Sparkle"

 Happy Holidays everyone!!

I hope you all had a great Christmas (or whatever you celebrate)!! Mine was pretty good. I'll have a separate blog post up about that soon. :) Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love decorating and being festive. One of the ways I like to express my holiday spirit is through my nails. I wanted to show you all what I did with my nails this week.

I wasn't sure what to title this post because even though I do paint my nails every week (at least once a week), I don't always post photos of them. I should probably start doing this more. Ahhh, the life of a procrastinator. Lol. :)

Anyway, I got really bored yesterday and decided to do something different with my nails. After re-doing each thumb nail about 4x, I finally got them as close as they were going to get to looking presentable.

My sparkle snowflake nails...

A closer look...

Products used:

Rimmel London 60 Second Top Coat --210 Mintilicious

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri -- Clearly Quick

Sally Hansen French Manicure -- 1 Natural White

Essie Multi Dimension Top Coat -- Set In Stones
How I Did It:

1.) First, I used 2 coats of "Mintilicious" as a base for all of my nails.

2.) Next, I added "Set In Stones" to my two ring finger nails.

3.) After that, I concentrated on my thumb nails. I used "Natural White" to draw a few small snowflakes on both nails. The brush that comes with this polish is really slim so it made it easier to make the snowflakes. It still took a few tries though before they looked good enough for me. Lol. When I was done putting the snowflakes on my nails, I used the same polish and same brush to draw small dots around the snowflakes.

4.) Lastly, as always, I used "Clearly Quick" as a top coat over all of my nails. I never paint my nails without using this because it makes them dry to the touch within 90 seconds and completely dry within a few minutes. It also helps seal the color and makes polish last longer. This is one of my favorite top coats.

Have you used any of these polishes? Did you do anything special to your nails for the holidays? Let me know in the comments below. :)

xo, Sarah

Saturday, December 21, 2013


I came across another website that I thought was blog worthy. I've seen it before but never really looked through all of the merchandise thoroughly until now. offers both women's and men's clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes, lingerie, watches, beauty products, accessories, toys, home products, and so much more. I was really surprised at how much stuff they sell-- you can find almost anything on the website!! The best part is that their prices are so inexpensive!!

Here are some of my favorite things that I came across while browsing SAMMYdress:

Leopard Print Embellished T-Shirt
Leopard Print Embellished T-Shirt

Black Knitted Dress
Black Knitted Dress

Snowflake Pattern Leggings
Snowflake Pattern Leggings

7 Piece Knuckle Ring Set
7 Piece Knuckle Ring Set

Wall Sticker Decal
Wall Sticker Decal

There is so much more stuff that I want from this website, but I just wanted to show you a few things on my SAMMYdress wish list. Check out the website for yourself, it'll be worth your while. :)

xo, Sarah

[[DISCLAIMER]]: This is a sponsored post BUT all of the things written in this post are true && are my honest opinions. If I don't like a product or site, I won't post it at all or I will let you know what I don't like about it.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Casual OOTD-- 12/13/2013

I just wanted to do a quick OOTD since I haven't done one in a while. So let's do this. ;)

Sweatshirt-- Victoria's Secret PINK
Jeans-- Charlotte Russe
Scarf-- Wet Seal
Gloves-- Wet Seal
(I had on black knee high American Eagle boots with gray/white fur but I forgot to put them back on before I took these pictures. Duhhh?! Lol.)

Ignore the crazy red eyes. The flash was bright && I did the editing on my phone so I couldn't fix it. :-/

(Back view of the sweatshirt.)

Scarf -- Wet Seal

Metallic Chain Headband -- Burlington Coat Factory

Bangle Bracelet -- Gift

Leaf Ear Cuff Set -- Razzle Dazzle Me Jewelry
Midi Ring -- Razzle Dazzle Me Jewelry

Double Heart Ring -- Amazon
Pink Bow Ring -- Forever 21
This took FOREVER to post. Sorry for the delay. Hope you liked it!!

xo, Sarah

Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Victoria's Secret Leggings

Over the weekend my fiance, daughter && I went to Woodfield Mall. I love Woodfield because it's huge (one of the most popular malls in the country) && I know it like the back of my hand. ;) (I can thank my shopping obsession for that.) I had some gift cards to spend from my birthday && Tom wanted to look at some hoodies && new shoes at Champs. I only ended up using one of my gift cards && holding onto the rest.

The first store we went into and the only store I ended up making a purchase from was Victoria's Secret Pink. It's definitely one of my favorite stores && I have to show extreme restraint to not make a purchase there every time I go in. Lol. I can't help it!! Everything in that store is either pink, sparkly, leopard print, etc. && those are some of my favorite things.

Anyway, after browsing the store for a while I decided to try on some leggings I found. I always do the hand test with leggings before I even think about buying them. If I can see my hand through them I won't buy them. The leggings I picked up are super thick and when I tried them on they were SO comfy. The material was soft, thick, and you could tell that the leggings were made with high quality materials. Usually I'm not impressed enough by basic leggings to write a blog post about them but these are the highest quality leggings I've ever owned and I know how hard it can be to find GOOD, quality leggings. I wanted to share with you guys in case you were looking for some.

Price wise they're pretty expensive. As you can see, they are basic black leggings with shiny metallic detailing down the sides. Normally I wouldn't pay $24.50 for leggings but they're a staple piece that you can wear all year long. It's a small investment-- you get what you pay for. These are the type of leggings that you can wear as pants && get away with it. It really drives me crazy when girls wear see through leggings as pants. No one wants to see your entire ass lol. Let me take that back--no other woman wants to see that. The leggings I bought are completely solid and worth every penny.

If you're looking for high quality, comfortable && cute leggings, I highly suggest you go check out the leggings at Victoria's Secret PINK. You'll thank me later. ;)

xo, Sarah

Monday, December 2, 2013 wishlist!!

I recently discovered a new website that I absolutely fell in love with called This website is my style to a T. Here are the things that I'm dyingggg for right now:

Sweatshirts and Hoodies

3.) Nobody Knows Leopard Sweatshirt (Favorite!!!!!)



There were sooo many things on the website that I saw and instantly adored. I can't wait to purchase some of the things off of my wishlist. Tomorrow is my birthday and Christmas is this month so hopefully I'll be receiving some of these items soon. :)

What are your favorite items from my wishlist? Have you ever shopped at

xo, Sarah