Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Firmoo Glasses Review;;

Hey girl heyyyy ;)

I'm very excited to finally share my experience with Firmoo. For those of you who don't know, Firmoo.com is a very popular online eyeglasses store. They offer a variety of prescription as well as non-prescription eyewear at extremely affordable prices. They even offer sunglasses and safety glasses! Firmoo has excellent customer service as well. They get back to you very quickly and if you aren't happy with your purchase, you can exchange your eyeglasses for a new pair, or receive a full refund.

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Tina from Firmoo. She sent me a free pair of prescription eyeglasses to review for you guys. Unfortunately the frames I chose are now out of stock, but there are TONS of other frames available. I looked through the site and found a few that are very similar to the frames I ordered.

My order did take a while to get to me, because their supplier is located in China, and I placed my order during the time they were shut down for celebration of the Spring Festival. I ordered my glasses on January 24, and they were mailed out on February 8th. I received them on February 19th. I was very happy with my new glasses though, so it was definitely worth the wait. They even included a letter inside of my package, apologizing for the inconvenience and a discount coupon code for me to use if I decide to order from them again. (I believe I'll order another pair soon!)

Here are the glasses that I ordered:

I really wanted a pair of big "nerdy" glasses since I already had my normal glasses. 90% of the time I wear contacts, but sometimes when I'm just hanging out at home and every night, I rock my glasses. The glasses I ordered are all black frames. They're prescription glasses (-3.50) and I can see perfectly out of them. They fit me well, and are really comfortable. They're lightweight, but still sturdy. These glasses definitely don't feel cheap.

My glasses came with a soft drawstring case, a hard case, a cleaning cloth, and an eyewear repair kit. It was mailed to me in a regular brown box, but it was put together really nicely inside. Everything was in mint condition and there was no damage even though the package had been shipped from across the globe.

Firmoo has a First Pair Free Program, where you can get your first pair free and I believe you only pay shipping. It's not available all the time, but it's opened up periodically. As of right now, you can get 50% off your first purchase by using the coupon code FIRST50.

Overall I am very pleased with my new glasses from Firmoo. In the next couple months I know I'll buy another pair. I highly recommend this company and am very grateful for my new glasses. If you're interested in buying glasses (prescription, non-prescription, or sunglasses), you're in luck! I have a $30 coupon code for any of these glasses, for the first 5 readers that buy a pair. My glasses would've came out to be about $35 if I bought them myself, so you'll probably only have to spend a couple bucks!

coupon code: HUSTLABABY09BLOGS4

Have you ever heard of Firmoo or purchased glasses from them before? Let me know in the comments below!! :)

xo, Sarah

PS-- A photo of me wearing my new glasses will be edited into this post later. I need to take all the new photos off my digital camera && I wanted to get this post up ASAP. :)

DISCLAIMER: Firmoo sent me this product for free to review. As always, all opinions are my own and 100% honest, based on my experiences with the product/company. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Any company that sends me a product to review understands that my review will be my true, honest opinion and it may not always be positive. If I hate (or love) a product, you will definitely know about it. I am not affiliated with Firmoo, therefore the opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own. Also, remember, my opinion is based on my experience, so what works for me might not always work for you. Thanks for reading!! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Collective Haul Part II

Here we go again!! ;) If you didn't see part I, check out what I got here.

Burlington Coat Factory:

Me, being the dummy I am, threw out the receipt on accident so I'm trying to remember prices off the top of my head. Sorry!!


$3.99!! Awesome find, on clearance, I couldn't believe it!! :)
These were each between $9 and $12.


On sale-- originally $39.50, I got them for $14.00

Jewelry was buy 1 get 2 free. I bought this gorgeous 4 piece, long necklace for $19.99.

&& I got these stud earrings && bracelets free.
I spent $36.43 && saved $52.50!! :) #BargainHunter ;)

Forever XXI:

Coral Knit Top (it's really coral, here it looks red though) -- $15.80
LOVE this!! ;) Break The Rules Top -- $13.80
Black Maxi Dress -- $9.80 
Coral Skirt -- $7.80
White Cami -- $1.80
Ivory Crochet Swimsuit -- $24.80
NYC Hat -- $8.80
Gold Chain Leather Hope Bracelet -- $5.80
Gold, Black, and Silver Chain Bracelets -- $6.80
Turquoise/Yellow Chain Ring -- $7.80 
Gold Leaf Chain Ring -- $5.80

Mint/Peach Ring Set -- $4.80


Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation (Light 48) -- $34.00 (I will do a review of this soon!!)
Beauty Blender -- $19.95 (I finally caved!! I want to use this with my new foundation!! I'll review this as well.)


Nicki Minaj "Pink Friday" perfume -- gift
random stuff. LOL
 Sony PS4 (for Tom, lol) -- $499

That's it for Part II of my collective haul. As I said in Part I, I didn't purchase all of this at once. I had a lot of gift cards, coupons, and many items were on sale. Do you own any of these items? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!! :)

xo, Sarah

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Collective Haul Part I

Hiiii my pretty ladies!

I've been pretty busy moving so I haven't been online much. We finally settled into our new home in Carol Stream. It's a 4 bedroom house, and we have one roommate. I'll take pics soon, after everything is completely set up the way I want it.

I've been shopping a lot this past week and wanted to do a collective haul of everything I've purchased. Some of these things were bought with gift cards from Christmas/my birthday, some were purchased with coupons to knock a bunch of money off, and some items were bought at full retail price. I am a pretty smart shopper though and usually wait until things are on sale or I can get a good coupon or discount code for something before I buy it. (Unless I'm feeling really impulsive and just have to have it. haha!!)

Here we go:

The first (and one of my most favorite things) that I bought, today actually, is my new cell phone. I signed up with T-Mobile and bought the LG G2. I am absolutely in love. It was really hard to take a photo of the front of the phone WITH the phone, lol, so I'm sorry for the crappy quality. I also bought a case right away, so that's what's on the back of the phone. 

T-Mobile LG G2 $599.99

Back view/case.

The 2nd big ticket item I bought (again, today) was my laptop. Our old laptop decided to die on us and clearly I need to be able to get online to blog. ;) I also make money from doing surveys online along with a million other things, so I needed a new computer. I bought the HP Envy from Walmart. I'm SO excited because it literally has everything. It's a touchscreen laptop AND it has Dre's Beats so I can bump my music and it'll sound amazing. I'm so excited to explore my new laptop some more!! :)

HP Envy TouchSmart 15 Notebook PC -- $698.00 (I got it on sale for $550 + tax.)

Excuse me in the background. LOL.

Out of all accessories, I'm most obsessed with purses. I'm definitely a purse freak. I have way too many but can never have enough. LOL. So why not buy another one? ;) I bought this Guess purse from Macy's. It's a gorgeous black bag with silver studs. One of my favorite parts is the leopard detailing inside, it's perfect for me. I also really like that you can wear it as a crossbody bag or a handbag.

Guess bag from Macy's -- $128 (I got it with a coupon for $88.)

Then I went to Victoria's Secret and got a few things...

You can never have too many panties! Lol. 5 for $26.

Victoria's Secret PINK push-up bra and multi-way bra. 2 for $42.

This was expensive but it was MADE FOR ME! Look at the leopard print sequin detailing!! $79

I finally caved and bought one of those plug-in scent things from Bath and Body Works. It smells SO good, definitely worth it!!

I also got some random stuff that we needed for the house from Walmart. A trashcan (boring, not pictured...LOL), hangers, an extension cord, an organizer bin, etc.

That's it for part 1 of my collective haul. :) I'm always interested to see what people are buying, so I thought I'd post my own haul. Do you have any of the things I bought today? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below! <3

xo, Sarah

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Punky Pins Jewelry Review!!

Heyyy beauties!!

I'm very excited to do this review for all of you today. I was in contact with Ali from Punky Pins, and she was kind enough to tell me to pick out a couple items from the website. She sent me two necklaces to review.

Punky Pins is a UK based jewelry company. They make necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings && even pocket mirrors. Their products are extremely unique.  I've never seen anything like their jewelry, and I absolutely love that because I know that a million other girls won't be wearing the same thing as me. I always try to find unique pieces && this is definitely the place to go for that!!

With them being based in the U.K., I was very surprised that shipping only took about a week. My jewelry was packaged in a yellow envelope, and inside was a pamphlet about the company and what they offer, and my two jewelry boxes.

Immediately upon opening the "Twinkle Twinkle" necklace, I fell in love. I already had a million ideas on what outfits to pair it with. It's on a silver chain, and it has a cute silver star hanging from it. It's also incredibly lightweight!!

When I opened the "Alice in Wonderland" necklace, I was surprised at the size of it. I thought it would be a little smaller than it actually was. Once I tried it on though, I was very happy with it. I used to love both the Alice in Wonderland book && TV show when I was little, so this necklace reminded me of my childhood. This necklace has a gold chain and a bigger pendant with a sparkly red heart dangling from the bottom. It's definitely a statement piece!!

Overall I'm very impressed with this jewelry && can't wait to purchase some. I'm also super excited to do some OOTD's featuring these gorgeous pieces!! If you are interested in unique, beautiful handmade jewelry for a low price, visit Punky Pins.

xo, Sarah