Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Collective Haul Part I

Hiiii my pretty ladies!

I've been pretty busy moving so I haven't been online much. We finally settled into our new home in Carol Stream. It's a 4 bedroom house, and we have one roommate. I'll take pics soon, after everything is completely set up the way I want it.

I've been shopping a lot this past week and wanted to do a collective haul of everything I've purchased. Some of these things were bought with gift cards from Christmas/my birthday, some were purchased with coupons to knock a bunch of money off, and some items were bought at full retail price. I am a pretty smart shopper though and usually wait until things are on sale or I can get a good coupon or discount code for something before I buy it. (Unless I'm feeling really impulsive and just have to have it. haha!!)

Here we go:

The first (and one of my most favorite things) that I bought, today actually, is my new cell phone. I signed up with T-Mobile and bought the LG G2. I am absolutely in love. It was really hard to take a photo of the front of the phone WITH the phone, lol, so I'm sorry for the crappy quality. I also bought a case right away, so that's what's on the back of the phone. 

T-Mobile LG G2 $599.99

Back view/case.

The 2nd big ticket item I bought (again, today) was my laptop. Our old laptop decided to die on us and clearly I need to be able to get online to blog. ;) I also make money from doing surveys online along with a million other things, so I needed a new computer. I bought the HP Envy from Walmart. I'm SO excited because it literally has everything. It's a touchscreen laptop AND it has Dre's Beats so I can bump my music and it'll sound amazing. I'm so excited to explore my new laptop some more!! :)

HP Envy TouchSmart 15 Notebook PC -- $698.00 (I got it on sale for $550 + tax.)

Excuse me in the background. LOL.

Out of all accessories, I'm most obsessed with purses. I'm definitely a purse freak. I have way too many but can never have enough. LOL. So why not buy another one? ;) I bought this Guess purse from Macy's. It's a gorgeous black bag with silver studs. One of my favorite parts is the leopard detailing inside, it's perfect for me. I also really like that you can wear it as a crossbody bag or a handbag.

Guess bag from Macy's -- $128 (I got it with a coupon for $88.)

Then I went to Victoria's Secret and got a few things...

You can never have too many panties! Lol. 5 for $26.

Victoria's Secret PINK push-up bra and multi-way bra. 2 for $42.

This was expensive but it was MADE FOR ME! Look at the leopard print sequin detailing!! $79

I finally caved and bought one of those plug-in scent things from Bath and Body Works. It smells SO good, definitely worth it!!

I also got some random stuff that we needed for the house from Walmart. A trashcan (boring, not pictured...LOL), hangers, an extension cord, an organizer bin, etc.

That's it for part 1 of my collective haul. :) I'm always interested to see what people are buying, so I thought I'd post my own haul. Do you have any of the things I bought today? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below! <3

xo, Sarah


  1. Great picks sweetie! I love them all!

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! Let's stay in touch! <3

    New Blog Post: 15 Things Every Woman Must Have

  2. Yes, I like all these items. The bag from Macy is fabulous.

  3. Great looking phone with the new case... This summer I am going to be able to replace my phone ... I might look at an LG phone, I hear they are great :)

    1. Hi Launna,
      I am completely 110% in LOVE with my new phone. I can't put it down! It's glued to my hand. lol. It's SO fast and I can do SO much from it. It's my universal remote control that controls my TV, DVD player, AT&T, etc.,has up-to-the-minute weather updates, wifi calling, video and photo editing, dictionary, mobile wallet, etc. It's such a lifesaver. You should definitely look into getting it. :)

      xo, Sarah

  4. Like your buys especially the VS items I'm addicted to that store I never spend less the 200 ridiculous right, also love your HP great investment. Hi doll.

    1. Jackie,

      Ugh I know! I go in to buy one little thing, and I come out with 3 bags full. LOL. I can't help it...I think I have a VS addiction. It's so hard to say no, because it's like everything in that store was made for me. Sequins? Sparkles? Leopard print? I have to have it all. haha. ;)

      xo, Sarah

  5. One of my dream is to try ''Bath and body works'' because there are wonderful things, but I can't to buy it on the net...
    And I really like your Victoria secret's products, and more the green thing.
    Kisses from France,
    Eléanor (Baignoire-Artistique) ♥.

    1. Hi doll,

      Thanks for your comment! I love Bath and Body Works. They're amazing. If you can get a friend from the US to send you some items from there, I would definitely do it, their products are great and they smell SO good. :)

      xo, Sarah

  6. Ah nice picks!!! love the new cell phone and case!! and i love victoria's secret!! I need to go shopping there since I have a 20$ gift card to use! :D

    1. Hey Andrea,

      Thanks for your comment. :) I originally went in because I had a gift card from my birthday, but I ended up spending some of my own money too. Damn VS got me again. LOL. ;)

      xo, Sarah

  7. I am glad that your move is successful!! Your new place sounds quite big actually! (4 bedrooms?!)
    ahh you got some really nice items!! Your new cell phone is adorable and a new laptop!! That is a really great purchase because I am in need of a laptop hehe.

    VS is one of those places where I can blow all my money so I try to stay far away from there hehe! The last time I was there, I almost brought a 60 dollar bra, but put it down (it was the cutest one ever and it had the best fit on me,... but 60 was a lot of money that I chose to spend at f21 instead hehe) I love the two bras and panties you got there though!


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