Sunday, February 16, 2014

Collective Haul Part II

Here we go again!! ;) If you didn't see part I, check out what I got here.

Burlington Coat Factory:

Me, being the dummy I am, threw out the receipt on accident so I'm trying to remember prices off the top of my head. Sorry!!


$3.99!! Awesome find, on clearance, I couldn't believe it!! :)
These were each between $9 and $12.


On sale-- originally $39.50, I got them for $14.00

Jewelry was buy 1 get 2 free. I bought this gorgeous 4 piece, long necklace for $19.99.

&& I got these stud earrings && bracelets free.
I spent $36.43 && saved $52.50!! :) #BargainHunter ;)

Forever XXI:

Coral Knit Top (it's really coral, here it looks red though) -- $15.80
LOVE this!! ;) Break The Rules Top -- $13.80
Black Maxi Dress -- $9.80 
Coral Skirt -- $7.80
White Cami -- $1.80
Ivory Crochet Swimsuit -- $24.80
NYC Hat -- $8.80
Gold Chain Leather Hope Bracelet -- $5.80
Gold, Black, and Silver Chain Bracelets -- $6.80
Turquoise/Yellow Chain Ring -- $7.80 
Gold Leaf Chain Ring -- $5.80

Mint/Peach Ring Set -- $4.80


Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation (Light 48) -- $34.00 (I will do a review of this soon!!)
Beauty Blender -- $19.95 (I finally caved!! I want to use this with my new foundation!! I'll review this as well.)


Nicki Minaj "Pink Friday" perfume -- gift
random stuff. LOL
 Sony PS4 (for Tom, lol) -- $499

That's it for Part II of my collective haul. As I said in Part I, I didn't purchase all of this at once. I had a lot of gift cards, coupons, and many items were on sale. Do you own any of these items? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!! :)

xo, Sarah


  1. Cool tops like the items.

  2. I am in love with the chain rings.....

    1. Hi sweetie,

      Thanks for your comment! :) I have been on the hunt for more chain rings for the longest. I had one a while ago that broke, and I was heartbroken. It was one of my most worn rings. When I found these I was so excited because I've been missing my old chain ring. These are awesome and so inexpensive! :)

      xo, Sarah

  3. Amazing haul!!!!!!!!!
    Happy sunday!!!!

  4. I love the coral colored items, it is one of my favorite colors..You really got some great deals with all the discounts... I am going shopping sometime in March and I am going to look for the best deals possible too... I have to magnify my money to get the best and most outfits possible :)

    1. Hi Launna,

      I have been pretty obsessed with coral lately. It's one of the colors I really love against my skin tone, especially when I have a nice tan. I would definitely look for coupon codes online and do some online shopping if possible, because I shopped a little more today and found some amazing coupon codes. Wet Seal has a HUGE sale going on now, and I found some great Macy's coupon codes as well. Sometimes shopping online actually saves you more money even WITH the shipping cost added in. It depends on what coupons you can find. ;)

      xo, Sarah

  5. Nice items and love that first sweater!

    XX Nora /

  6. I seriously love all your purchases! Your Burlington Coat factory haul is my fave:)

  7. I love accesories
    new post:

  8. Those are some amazing items (and prices!) I'm a bargain shopper - but I'm not THAT good!

  9. I adore those necklaces, and that swimsuit is gorgeous!!

    Lace and Lipstick Stains

  10. All your purchases are amazing and you got them for some great prices! (especially aeropostale!) I am always on the hunt for a good bargain lol.
    Your chain rings have to be my favorite purchase of yours! They are so pretty and I love the way they look on! (You have really pretty nails by the way!!)
    and ohh the beauty blender!! I have been thinking about getting it for the longest time now and have even gotten a few dupes!! I hope you enjoy yours because the reviews for it all say that it works very well!

  11. i've got a tutorial and tips on using the beauty blender if needed! :)

    1. I watched it and it was really helpful. Thanks!! I am totally in love with my beauty blender!! I'm so happy I bought it. :)

      xo, Sarah

  12. Oh that black maxi dress will be perfect in the summer! I'm looking forward to your beauty blender review :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Oakleigh Rose Giveaway!

  13. I randomly stumbled up on your page!

    THese are great savings and what a steal!

    You have a lot of fabulous pieces here. some i wish to own!

  14. So may great pieces for so fantastic prizes. Great deal, my dear.

  15. I love your choice of clothes and jewellery. If it was me on that haul, I would be buying a lot of the same stuff. Good choice! Prices also look pretty good!

  16. i really loved the rings! they are amazing!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  17. Amazing haul! Those are really some good buys. First time here, & love it! I've added you at Google+, & would love to have you follow me too! Looking fwd to sharing :)

    Dropping by from Luxury Haven

  18. Love the Mickey & Minnie jumper and the jewellery pieces are gorgeous!
    Thank you for the kind comment on my blog. Have a fabulous day :)

  19. Nice haul!

  20. Oh My! Beautiful Haul...The Mickey Minnie T-shirt is just so adorable :) And I loved your accesories!!! Beautiful collection :)


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