Saturday, December 29, 2012

South Carolina Trip

Hey Ya'll. ;)

Yes I said ya'll. I am visiting SC after all. ;) We rented a car yesterday afternoon and started our drive to South Carolina to visit my mom, David, and Nevaeh. Unfortunately our 13 hour trip turned into a 20+ hour trip because of a ridiculous blizzard in Indiana/Kentucky, and we had to stop at a hotel which we weren't planning on doing originally. We got here tonight around 6 PM. I vlogged throughout our drive and when we got here, so when I get home I'm going to edit the video and put all the clips together so you can see our little adventure. Nevaeh didn't know we were coming so it was a total shock to her when we walked through the door. She didn't know what to say or do, she was so surprised. After the initial shock, she gave us hugs and you could see her made me so happy. I've been missing this feeling...the feeling of a real family....for a long time, and when I'm with both of my kids, Tom, and my mom is the only time I seem to feel it.

When we got here my mom had dinner ready, so we ate and then we had our own little Christmas. David, Nevaeh, my mom, Tom, Lexi, and I opened all the gifts we got eachother. I vlogged a little during that too and have a ton of pictures I'll post on my Facebook page ( and I'll post a few here too. My mom and David were really intuitive with the gifts, it was sweet. I had told my mom that an air mattress that we were using was completely deflated, and David bought us a really nice queen sized air mattress with an electric pump. I had told my mom I wanted to try Proactiv again because I break out really bad around the time I get my period every month and she remembered when I mentioned it a few months ago and ordered it for me along with a microdermabrasion thing that I can use with it. I already love it. Of course Lexi got spoiled too and Nevaeh was very happy with her stuff that we got her. 

We'll only be here for a few days (we're leaving on the 1st) but driving through a crazy blizzard, being in the car for 20+ hours, and having to spend money we didn't have on a hotel was worth it. I love my family and will do anything for them. I wish we could stay longer but there is stuff at home we need to take care of. 

I'm going to watch some TV and go to bed. I'll keep vlogging and taking pics and I'll post them when I get home. :)

xo, Sarah

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Haul Part 3

You know the drill by now. Here we go:

Stuff for other people:

Men's Pajama Pants- Target $12.99

My Look Color Your Own Messenger Bag- Target $10.19

Spongebob Bath Set- Target $4.98 on clearance

Fusion ProGlide Shaving Kit- Target (lost other receipt)

Misc. Stocking Stuffers- Target

More Misc. Stocking Stuffers- Target

Disney Princess Walkie Talkies- Target $17.48

Strawberry Shortcake Movie- Target $5.00

Bodycology Gift Set- Walmart

Disney Princess Keys- Walmart $3.00

 Stuff for me:

Slippers- Aeropostale $7.95 at 70% off

Bootcut Jeans- Aeropostale $19.80 @ 60% off

close up so you can see the wash of the jeans

Sweatpants- Aeropostale $8.55 @ 70% off
Misc. Stuff I needed- Target

 After the crazy sale Aeropostale was having the other day, I had to go back and get a few more things. I also got some gifts for other people there but I'll have to take pictures of those later (I forgot.). I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas Eve tomorrow && Christmas on Tuesday!!

xo, Sarah

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Haul Part 2

Dun dun dun dun dunnnnn....

Let's look at the damages from yesterday's trip back to the mall (&& to Marshalls). Also- if your name is Mom, Mike, Jenny, or Asia, do not read this post until after Christmas or Lexi will punch you in the head. #ThatIsAll.

Things I bought for other people:

MORE Bath and Body Works stuff

 I seriously think we bought out Bath and Body Works...we spent over $150 there in the past 2 days. Yikes....

Dora the Explorer Backpack- Marshalls $9.99

4 Pack Onesies- Marshalls $7.99

Sweatpants- Aeropostale $10 on sale from $42.50
 Aeropostale had the best deals ever. I'm going back today to see what else I can get. I got a pair of jeans for $9!!! They have really good quality jeans so I want to see if I can find another pair or two and also get a few more gifts for people from there because they have the best sale going on right now.

Here's what I got for me with some Christmas money:
Ed Hardy Born Wild Perfume- Marshalls $16.99

view of the perfume bottle

Hanes 6 pack of Socks- Marshalls $3.99

Skinny Jeans- Aeropostale $9.00 on sale from $44.50

view of the front

"Boyfriend" Sweatpants- Aeropostale $10 on sale from $44.50
 Today we need to go to Target and back to Aeropostale. Hopefully that will be the end of Christmas shopping because this is getting tiring. Plus people are nuts and I had an extreme urge to elbow someone in the face yesterday on more than one occasion. Ahh, the joys of Christmas shopping. hahaha ;) I'll post a Part 3 soon.

xo, Sarah

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Haul Part 1

I got a lot of my Christmas shopping done earlier in the month and some throughout the year, but there were still a few things I needed to get. (Plus my dad gave me money for Christmas already and I went and bought some clothes/accessories with that.) There will be a Part 2 to this later and possibly a Part 3. We had a lot of people to shop for. Here we go:

Bath and Body Works Gifts for cousins/aunts/etc.
If you see something you like and want to know the product name and/or price, comment and ask me and I'll  let you know. I didn't want to type out all $96 worth of items. LOL.

Here is the stuff I got for myself:

Cranberry Woods 3-Wick Candle - Bath and Body Works 2/$20

Gray Cardigan- Wet Seal $17.70 @ 40% off

Gray Sequined Gloves- Wet Seal $4.50 @ 40% off

What they look like on...
Two Finger Key Ring- Forever 21 $3.80


What it looks like on...

Silver Circle Ring- Forever 21 $1.50

Basic Black Cami- Forever 21 $2.80

Coral Bow Belt- Forever 21 $4.80

Close up of the bow part of the belt. 
 (It looks peach in the 2nd picture but the color of the belt in the 1st picture is more true to life.)
 Metallic Pink Heart Belt- Forever 21 $3.80


Basic Black Ankle Length Leggings- Forever 21 $5.80
Coral Leopard Print Cardigan- Charlotte Russe $28.99
 (Christmas gift to myself. hahaha) ^^
Hello Kitty PJ Pants- Walmart $10

from farther away
Like I said, most of my Christmas shopping for other people is done so this is mostly stuff that I bought with some of my Christmas money. I haven't gone shopping for clothes in a while so it feels good to finally have some new stuff in my wardrobe. ;) Stay tuned for a part 2!

xo, Sarah

Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas. . .

Hello my beautiful readers!!

December is my favorite month of the year. Even though I hate the weather, because the snow/ice is horrible to drive in and I hate the wind and cold, my birthday is in December and of course, Christmas is in December!! I love Christmas shopping for friends and family, it makes me so happy when I see someone open their gift(s) and genuinely love it. Receiving gifts is an added bonus. ;)

This year has been a little bit different because it's the first Christmas that I'm not living at home. As you know, Tom, Lexi, and I moved out of my dad's house in August and we're in an apartment now with our roommate Phillip. I have to admit I'm a little sad because it doesn't feel like Christmas usually feels being on my own. I miss being at home and having my family around all the time. I miss decorating our house together like we do every year, and everyone being in such a good mood around this time of year. It's a little lonely being by ourselves. Thankfully we're going to spend Christmas Eve with my mom's side of the family at my Grandma's, and then we're going to Tom's mom's house afterward. We're spending the night at my dad's house on Christmas Eve so we can all wake up together Christmas morning (mostly for Lexi) and open gifts and go out for breakfast. Normally we spend Christmas Day with my dad's side of the family but my cousin won't be here on Christmas Day so we're going to celebrate with that side of the family a few days before Christmas. Our apartment complex is having a Christmas party on the 21st so we're going to that as well. I'm pretty excited about that, they throw really nice parties with all kinds of food, music, and there are tons of kids for Lexi to play with. The thing I'm most excited about for this Christmas is that on the 28th of this month, Tom, Lexi, and I are driving down to South Carolina to spend a few days there and have a late Christmas with my mom and my oldest daughter Nevaeh. I can't wait!! I miss my baby so much and can't wait to hug her and hold her. I see her every few months and talk to her all the time but it's not the same as physically being there with her and holding her in my arms.

I always do the majority of my Christmas shopping last minute. I guess it's the procrastinator in me, but this year I surprised myself and I can actually say I'm almost done shopping and I still have 8 days left before Christmas. (When I say last minute, I mean last minute, as in, 2 or 3 days before Christmas.) I do shop for some things throughout the year though, for example if I see something on sale that I know someone would love, I pick it up then. I bought something wayyy back in the spring for my the girl that was my best friend at the time, (I don't know what to do with that now though, it's way too late to return it.) and I bought quite a few things for Lexi and Nevaeh during the year. Of course living on our own now, finances are super tight, so it's easier for me to grab what I can for people during the year and then buy whatever else I need right before Christmas.

As for "Christmas traditions", we've been doing some really cute stuff with Lexi (and we'll be doing some more stuff with Nevaeh when we see her later this month). I babysit my friend Brittany's son Adrian, and Lexi, Adrian, and I have been baking a lot. I bake Christmas cookies/brownies/cupcakes and then I let them decorate them. It's a cheap little project but they have so much fun and it keeps them busy. I also bought a gingerbread house from Walmart and I think I'm going to do that with them today. In Schiller Park every year they have a few streets that they specially decorate. One is Candy Cane Lane, Snowflake Lane, Gingerbread Lane, etc. and every house on each block has whatever the block's name is on their lawn and/or house. They decorate it really nice and we always used to drive over there around Christmas Eve to see the decorations. I think we're going to do that with Lexi this year since she's old enough to see what's going on now. I'm excited about that because I used to love it when I was young.

Other than the Christmas preparations, things have pretty much stayed the same. My birthday was on December 3rd and it was OK. My dad took me to Applebees which was nice and I got a few gifts. It still wasn't the same though, I was really homesick that day. Tom has been working like crazy, which is great because we need the money, but it's been lonely since I don't really have a best friend to talk to anymore. Thank God I have my mama because we sit on the phone for hours at a time laughing non-stop. I'm really blessed that I have her, I don't know what I'd do without her. I've been looking for a job too, but it's hard because a lot of jobs right now are seasonal and I want a permanent position. In the meantime to make some extra money, I've been babysitting my friend Brittany's son, Adrian, who I mentioned earlier, and of course doing online surveys. They've been sending me a lot of cool products to test out lately. They sent us diapers (which we didn't need anymore because Lexi is potty trained), 6 different new Bath and Body Works lotions that aren't in stores yet, food, baby lotion, etc. I'll write a separate blog soon about my survey stuff in case anyone is interested. I'm still working out, trying to tone up my body and lose a few pounds. I'm determined to get to the point where I feel confident and sexy again. I'm not fat, but I don't feel sexy anymore. I have been seeing some positive results though. I've been taking pictures and when I get to the point that I want to be at, I'm going to blog about my experience, how I lost the weight, what I did, what I ate, and I'll show before/after pictures that I've been taking almost every month. :)

Well, this ended up being a lot longer than I expected, whoops. ;) Thanks for reading, don't forget to comment!! You don't need a Blogger account to comment.

xo, Sarah

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips: Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow (Nude)

Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips: Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow (Nude)

Yesterday while hubs, Lexi, and I were grocery shopping at Walmart, (shocker!) I saw this beautiful little nude palette. It's the Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips: Custom Enhancing Shadow (Nude). I instantly fell in love && had to buy it. I wanted to put my 2 cents in for you guys in case you've seen this lovely product on the store shelves. I love nude/neutral colored eye shadow. They look great against any skin tone, and you can do a soft, subtle day look or do a sexy, smokey nude night look. For this particular palette, you can use the shadows dry for a more subtle look or wet for a more dramatic, intense look. I love the Physician's Formula brand because their products are hypoallergenic, fragrance free, paraben free, dermatologist approved, safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, and gluten free. The best part is that this palette was only about $10! You can't go wrong with that price. Have you ever tried the Nude palette or any of the Physician's Formula products? What did you think? Comment below and let me know! :)

xo, Sarah