Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Haul Part 3

You know the drill by now. Here we go:

Stuff for other people:

Men's Pajama Pants- Target $12.99

My Look Color Your Own Messenger Bag- Target $10.19

Spongebob Bath Set- Target $4.98 on clearance

Fusion ProGlide Shaving Kit- Target (lost other receipt)

Misc. Stocking Stuffers- Target

More Misc. Stocking Stuffers- Target

Disney Princess Walkie Talkies- Target $17.48

Strawberry Shortcake Movie- Target $5.00

Bodycology Gift Set- Walmart

Disney Princess Keys- Walmart $3.00

 Stuff for me:

Slippers- Aeropostale $7.95 at 70% off

Bootcut Jeans- Aeropostale $19.80 @ 60% off

close up so you can see the wash of the jeans

Sweatpants- Aeropostale $8.55 @ 70% off
Misc. Stuff I needed- Target

 After the crazy sale Aeropostale was having the other day, I had to go back and get a few more things. I also got some gifts for other people there but I'll have to take pictures of those later (I forgot.). I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas Eve tomorrow && Christmas on Tuesday!!

xo, Sarah

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