Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Haul Part 1

I got a lot of my Christmas shopping done earlier in the month and some throughout the year, but there were still a few things I needed to get. (Plus my dad gave me money for Christmas already and I went and bought some clothes/accessories with that.) There will be a Part 2 to this later and possibly a Part 3. We had a lot of people to shop for. Here we go:

Bath and Body Works Gifts for cousins/aunts/etc.
If you see something you like and want to know the product name and/or price, comment and ask me and I'll  let you know. I didn't want to type out all $96 worth of items. LOL.

Here is the stuff I got for myself:

Cranberry Woods 3-Wick Candle - Bath and Body Works 2/$20

Gray Cardigan- Wet Seal $17.70 @ 40% off

Gray Sequined Gloves- Wet Seal $4.50 @ 40% off

What they look like on...
Two Finger Key Ring- Forever 21 $3.80


What it looks like on...

Silver Circle Ring- Forever 21 $1.50

Basic Black Cami- Forever 21 $2.80

Coral Bow Belt- Forever 21 $4.80

Close up of the bow part of the belt. 
 (It looks peach in the 2nd picture but the color of the belt in the 1st picture is more true to life.)
 Metallic Pink Heart Belt- Forever 21 $3.80


Basic Black Ankle Length Leggings- Forever 21 $5.80
Coral Leopard Print Cardigan- Charlotte Russe $28.99
 (Christmas gift to myself. hahaha) ^^
Hello Kitty PJ Pants- Walmart $10

from farther away
Like I said, most of my Christmas shopping for other people is done so this is mostly stuff that I bought with some of my Christmas money. I haven't gone shopping for clothes in a while so it feels good to finally have some new stuff in my wardrobe. ;) Stay tuned for a part 2!

xo, Sarah

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