Saturday, December 29, 2012

South Carolina Trip

Hey Ya'll. ;)

Yes I said ya'll. I am visiting SC after all. ;) We rented a car yesterday afternoon and started our drive to South Carolina to visit my mom, David, and Nevaeh. Unfortunately our 13 hour trip turned into a 20+ hour trip because of a ridiculous blizzard in Indiana/Kentucky, and we had to stop at a hotel which we weren't planning on doing originally. We got here tonight around 6 PM. I vlogged throughout our drive and when we got here, so when I get home I'm going to edit the video and put all the clips together so you can see our little adventure. Nevaeh didn't know we were coming so it was a total shock to her when we walked through the door. She didn't know what to say or do, she was so surprised. After the initial shock, she gave us hugs and you could see her made me so happy. I've been missing this feeling...the feeling of a real family....for a long time, and when I'm with both of my kids, Tom, and my mom is the only time I seem to feel it.

When we got here my mom had dinner ready, so we ate and then we had our own little Christmas. David, Nevaeh, my mom, Tom, Lexi, and I opened all the gifts we got eachother. I vlogged a little during that too and have a ton of pictures I'll post on my Facebook page ( and I'll post a few here too. My mom and David were really intuitive with the gifts, it was sweet. I had told my mom that an air mattress that we were using was completely deflated, and David bought us a really nice queen sized air mattress with an electric pump. I had told my mom I wanted to try Proactiv again because I break out really bad around the time I get my period every month and she remembered when I mentioned it a few months ago and ordered it for me along with a microdermabrasion thing that I can use with it. I already love it. Of course Lexi got spoiled too and Nevaeh was very happy with her stuff that we got her. 

We'll only be here for a few days (we're leaving on the 1st) but driving through a crazy blizzard, being in the car for 20+ hours, and having to spend money we didn't have on a hotel was worth it. I love my family and will do anything for them. I wish we could stay longer but there is stuff at home we need to take care of. 

I'm going to watch some TV and go to bed. I'll keep vlogging and taking pics and I'll post them when I get home. :)

xo, Sarah

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