Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Haul Part 2

Dun dun dun dun dunnnnn....

Let's look at the damages from yesterday's trip back to the mall (&& to Marshalls). Also- if your name is Mom, Mike, Jenny, or Asia, do not read this post until after Christmas or Lexi will punch you in the head. #ThatIsAll.

Things I bought for other people:

MORE Bath and Body Works stuff

 I seriously think we bought out Bath and Body Works...we spent over $150 there in the past 2 days. Yikes....

Dora the Explorer Backpack- Marshalls $9.99

4 Pack Onesies- Marshalls $7.99

Sweatpants- Aeropostale $10 on sale from $42.50
 Aeropostale had the best deals ever. I'm going back today to see what else I can get. I got a pair of jeans for $9!!! They have really good quality jeans so I want to see if I can find another pair or two and also get a few more gifts for people from there because they have the best sale going on right now.

Here's what I got for me with some Christmas money:
Ed Hardy Born Wild Perfume- Marshalls $16.99

view of the perfume bottle

Hanes 6 pack of Socks- Marshalls $3.99

Skinny Jeans- Aeropostale $9.00 on sale from $44.50

view of the front

"Boyfriend" Sweatpants- Aeropostale $10 on sale from $44.50
 Today we need to go to Target and back to Aeropostale. Hopefully that will be the end of Christmas shopping because this is getting tiring. Plus people are nuts and I had an extreme urge to elbow someone in the face yesterday on more than one occasion. Ahh, the joys of Christmas shopping. hahaha ;) I'll post a Part 3 soon.

xo, Sarah

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