Monday, July 30, 2012


This outfit was just a casual outfit worn while hanging out with my fiance && friends this weekend. We went downtown and it was SO hot out, I definitely should've worn shorts!! We had fun anyway though. :)

 This is the top, it's a sheer lace top with flowers and bead detailing from Forever 21. (Once again, ignore the tank top/bra straps. I don't go out in public like that.) The brown tank underneath is from Macy's.
 I wore American Eagle jeans in a light wash. These are my FAVORITE jeans ever.
 The belt is a plain metallic(ish) gold belt from Forever 21.
 My earrings are from Charlotte Russe. They are gold chandelier earrings with dangling peach colored beads.
My necklace is from Forever 21. It's a long, beaded necklace with peach, clear, and marble beads.

I wore a gold flower ring from Forever 21. It is a peach colored flower on top and it has clear (fake) "diamonds" underneath going around it. (In case you couldn't already tell, I love Forever 21. Their accessories are SO cute and SO affordable. Their clothing is definitely my style as well.)

Hope you liked my outfit, comment and let me know what you think!! :)

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