Monday, July 30, 2012


This outfit is somewhat "western" inspired. I wore this outfit with the sweater in the morning and without it later on in the day when it got hotter outside. The sweater is from Charlotte Russe and the jeans are plain, dark wash blue jeans from Forever 21.

I'm wearing a brown tank top from Macy's underneath a floral tank with a knit back from Forever 21.
This is the back, my favorite part about the top. Ignore the ugly tank/bra straps, they weren't showing when I was in public, I had the sweater on over this.
I paired this outfit with these brown suede boots from a local boutique. (Sorry for the crappy quality of this pic, I don't know why I only took one pic of my boots.) :face palm:
I wore these earrings from Forever 21 and had a plain pink stud earring in my cartilage. I had a diamond stud in my monroe piercing.

The rings are both gold rings from Forever 21. I wear my "Love" ring a lot, so I'm sure you'll be seeing that all the time. It's a gold ring with the word "Love" in peach colored lettering.

I love doing these OOTD's. They'll be fun to look back on and I love seeing what other people are wearing and getting outfit ideas and inspiration from other people's wardrobes. If you have a blog and haven't done an OOTD, you should try it!! It's super simple and it'll be fun to look back on one day. :)

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