Monday, July 30, 2012


(A blog from my Facebook written on 01/23/11.)

My lil peanut says the cutest things on a daily basis, so I wanted to write them down before I forget them all. The list will definitely keep getting added to. :) (Excuse me for stating the obvious, but she absolutely loves talking about bodily functions.)

(as I'm about to take off the pull-up she peed in)- "mommy watch out!!" me: "what?" her: "i hope you don't get pee on your hand."

me: "we're going swimming today!" nevaeh: "i'll try not to poop in the pool." "what do you want to be when you grow up?" nevaeh: "a man!! hahahahahha"

we were talking about when my mom and her go back to SC and she said she'll miss me. i told her i'll miss her too. she said, "will your heart cry?"... omg i melted into a puddle.

i was dying my hair && nevaeh came up to the bathroom and said "mommy, i'm going to watch you put the smelly stuff on your head". lmfao

to be continued...

Nevaeh Izabela

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