Monday, July 30, 2012

My Girls

If you know me, you know that I have a ton of "acquaintances" and only consider a select few true friends. Unfortunately in the past I've been burned by people that I thought had my best interest at heart but ended up being backstabbing bitches. You live and you learn. I used to give people the benefit of the doubt and trusted them until they gave me a reason not to. I've learned that I can't just put my trust in people right away- they need to earn it. I've had people that I considered my best friends steal from me, lie to me, talk about me behind my back, throw personal things in my face when they got mad, etc. and I can promise I will never let that happen again. I was young and naive. My true friends know that I am a great friend. I am always there for them no matter what time of the day or night it is, I will do anything in my power to help them if they need it, and I will do anything to put a smile on a friend's face. I'm a very generous, caring person, but to get my heart you need to prove that you are genuine first.

The reason for this blog is that I'm so excited that I've recently been very happy with the friendships I've maintained. One was a ride or die friend that I haven't talked to in a few years and we recently reconnected, and another is a new friend that has already shown me so much love and I know we will continue to have an amazing friendship for years to come.

My friend Shana and I met about 8 years ago. We are so alike, it's crazy. We are non-stop laughing when we're around eachother and I can be 100% open and honest with her. She is one of the very few that knows absolutely everything about me, and she has proved to be my ride-or-die. We lost touch for a couple years but she recently found me on Facebook and we started talking again. I am so happy to be talking to her again, she is my other half. When mutual friends would talk about us, they would always say "Sarah and Shana", it was never one without the other. I've never been as close to a friend as I am to her.

Another friend I have been hanging out with is a new friend. Her name is Zena and I met her through her brother who I've known since high school. We started talking on Facebook and noticed that we had SO much in common. The things that we have been through are literally the same, it's crazy how alike our stories are. She has a daughter that is Nevaeh's age and another daughter that is Lexi's age. (She also has an older son.) She's really easy to talk to and is not judgmental in the slightest bit. I'm really excited that we started hanging out, and I know that this will grow to be an amazing, long-lasting friendship.

Here is a pic of our kids together the other day (3/3/12):

The reason for this blog is that I'm so thankful to finally have a great core group of friends that appreciate me and love me for me. These are the true friends that I have been looking for. I no longer have to deal with phony, selfish, jealous people and I can be myself and live my life knowing that I have support from good friends. Reflecting back on the past few years, I'm actually happy that I went through the hard times that I did because it made me a stronger woman and taught me to value the good friendships I do have. It's not the quantity of friends you have, it's the quality, and I am so blessed to be surrounded by some great girls. ♥

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