Monday, July 30, 2012

35 Random Facts

Get to know me, THEN hate me. ;)

1.) I collect panties. No, you pervert, not used panties... I have over 200 pairs of panties and my collection is still growing. Hey at least you know I'll always have some clean panties. hahaa

2.) I actually have a pretty decent singing voice but I won't sing in front of anyone because of my fear of rejection. :)

3.) When I fall for someone, I fall fast and hard, and I love them with all of my heart and soul. Love is my weakness.

4.) I am obsessed with reality TV, especially celeb reality.

5.) I've had a blog since age 13, and I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I love looking back and reading about my life and my thoughts from years ago.

6.) I try to avoid conflict but I'll smack a ho if need be. :)

7.) People have proved time and time again that they are not true friends, so I'm very picky about who I let into my life.

8.) I can almost put it on my life that at least 40% of the people that read this are HATERS trying to find out what's going on with me. Get a life.

9.) I want to be an adolescent drug counselor. I've been helped tremendously by them and I'd love to help others... I think they can relate better to people that have been through it.

10.) I am addicted to Fannie May Mint Meltaway Ice Cream. omgggg ::orgasm::

11.) I'm a very sexual person. I will talk about sex with anyone and I have no shame in my game. haha ;)

12.) I get myself in trouble by staying up late and shopping online. The next morning I realize I spent way too much damn money.

13.) The past few months have been the greatest few months I've had in a long time. We've been so blessed with Tom's job && really starting to branch out && do new things. I'm very excited to see what next month brings because like I said in a previous blog, we're planning on getting a place of our own!! Finally!! :)

14.) I am the kind of female that will always stick up for myself && the people that I care about. I'm ride or die && will fight to the death for the ones I truly love. That being said, I never forget when someone fucks me over, and will give them what they deserve when I think it's the right time. Call me karma. ;)

15.) I have a passion for fashion && have since I was little. I remember being 6 years old and I had the best walk-in closet, and I would constantly re-organize it. I had this cool little outfit holder with 7 different spaces and it had the days of the week on it. I would plan my outfits a week in advance && I loved putting together different outfit options for me to wear.

16.) Due to my fashion/beauty obsession, I end up getting about 3 packages delivered to my house every week on average, because I can't help myself when I see something online that I like!!

17.) I do surveys online for extra cash, and it's actually proved to be a decent income for me while I'm at home with Lexi. I do plan on working soon so we have more of a financial "cushion" and I'll be putting Lexi in day care for a few days during each week. She's so good with other kids && absolutely LOVES being around kids her age, so I'm sure she'll love it.

18.) One of my biggest pet peeves is people with bad hygiene, especially women. It really irks me when someone gets in the car && I can smell their B.O. or sweat or whatever else, or if I walk past someone and get a whiff... that's beyond disgusting. Is it that hard to take a shower && use deodorant?!

19.) My two all time favorite perfumes are Dior's Dior Addict && Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy.

20.) I am double jointed in my left thumb, left index finger, and my feet.

21.) I have OCD (I was professionally diagnosed-- I hate when people say 'I have OCD' and they really don't... it's super annoying.) and because of that I am a SUPER clean freak. I find it disgusting when adults have a dirty house. There's a difference between a little clutter && straight up dirty living. Yuck.

22.) My mom has done an amazing job of teaching me to help people that are less fortunate. When I was little I would give away my toys, clothes, etc. and go to the store with my mom && pick out new toys for kids around the holidays whose parent's couldn't afford gifts. I loved doing that and still do. Even if it's my last couple dollars, I always give the homeless people on the street what I can. I am religious && I remember a sermon at church that was talking about how you're supposed to help people, and what they do with the money is on them. You're not supposed to not give someone something because you think they're going to spend it on drugs/alcohol/etc. God knows your heart && knows that you were trying to do something good, and what they do with the money is their choice. I remember this one guy was in front of Dunkin Donuts in downtown Chicago && he asked for change. I gave him $5 and bought him breakfast, and he was so thankful... I still remember how his face lit up and he couldn't stop thanking me. Believe it or not, I've been there && people are horrible to other people and it's a shame more people don't extend a hand && reach out to help people that need it.

23.) I am horrible with names. When I meet someone new && they tell me their name, I'll probably ask them about 2 more times until I actually remember it. It can be super embarrassing.

24.) I love taking naps. I wake up really early with Lexi so it's hard to get through the day without a nap. Laying in my big comfy bed when I'm so tired is the best feeling in the world.

25.) I was in a ton of different sports when I was younger. I did gymnastics for YEARS, a bunch of different dance classes, cheerleading, baseball, bowling, and basketball.

26.) A huge regret that I have is what I put my parents through as a teenager. I know every teenager puts their parents through shit at one time or another, but what I put mine through was amplified by 10x. Between addiction, skipping school, sneaking out, hanging out with losers, etc., I put them through a lot. I do feel a lot better now though that I'm doing 100x better and it makes me feel good when they recognize that.

27.) Just 3 weeks after turning 18 I got married and had Nevaeh less than a year later. (I got pregnant AFTER I got married.) He wasn't a good person && ended up leaving me with a newborn baby BUT things worked out perfectly because if that wouldn't have happened I wouldn't have Lexi (or Tom!).

28.) I love to tan. When I don't lay out, spray tan, or go tanning in a tanning bed, my skin gets SUPER pale. I love having a summery glow all year long. (I'm an adult, I know tanning is "bad" for you which is why I spray tan a lot of the time. I don't want to hear shit about the effects of tanning. I'm well aware.)

29.) Being unique is something I value. I love wearing things that I haven't seen anyone else wear, and I enjoy altering my clothes && adding my own touches here && there. I think I'm going to write a blog soon about what I do to alter my clothing, with ideas/tips/tricks. (How to make your t-shirt an 'off the shoulder' shirt, how to distress your clothes/jeans, sewing on embellishments, etc.)

30.) Experimenting with makeup is one of my hobbies. I love trying new looks on myself and other people. I did my brother's girlfriend's hair/makeup for prom a few years ago && I felt so proud when people were commenting on her hair and makeup. It makes me feel good to make other people feel beautiful. :)

31.) I try not to judge a book by it's cover. I've been pre-judged and I do my best to not do that to other people. I try to give everyone a chance && get to know them before deciding whether or not I like them. I have friends that are all different ages/races/religions/etc. && I never discriminate against anyone. If you're a cool person, we'll get along great.

32.) I am one of the least racist people you will EVER meet. I talked about how my mom made sure I helped people that were less fortunate, but she also taught me to never discriminate against anyone based on how they look or what their beliefs are. I have dated people from all different races, and I have friends that are all different races. I don't look at people as a skin color, I look at them as a whole person && it really pisses me off when I'm around racist people. It's 2012, I can't believe this shit is still going on.

33.) I'm a scrapbooker. I am crazy about taking pictures, and I love looking back on things. Scrapbooking allows me to be creative && make photos more interesting to look back on later. As of right now I'm finishing a scrapbook that I made of mine && Tom's relationship, and my next project is going to be making Nevaeh && Lexi their own scrapbooks.

34.) My favorite vacation spot is Pensacola Beach, FL. My family used to go there every summer, and I can't wait to take my kids there.

35.) Subway is one of my all time favorite food places. I always get the same thing && could eat it every single day && not get tired of it.

I hope you guys found this interesting && learned something about me. All I ask is that people get to know me before judging me && I will do the same. I think I'll do another one of these in a few months. Comment below if you read this, let me know 5 random facts about YOU!! I'd love to get to know my readers.

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