Monday, July 30, 2012

Desperate Girls

Can someone please explain to me WHY girls are so desperate?? The are so desperate to be accepted or to "look cool" that they'll do anything, and in the process they end up looking stupid (and/or crazy). Here are some examples:

1.) They lie their asses off.

This is probably the biggest one. They tell people they have an amazing job when really they're sitting at home broke, they tell people that their relationship is amazing when really you know it's a horrible relationship && they're getting played, they tell you about something they bought (car, apartment, etc.) when you know they're living in their mama's basement, etc. Own your shit!! If you make up a bunch of lies, people aren't going to like you for you, they're going to like the person you made up.

2.) They make up fake friends (which is really them just talking to themselves).

I've seen this a couple times done by a couple REALLY desperate girls. They'll make up fake Facebook accounts, Formspring accounts, Twitter accounts, etc. and go to their pages and write compliments and basically kiss their own ass making people believe that they actually have friends, when in fact they have no friends because they are so psychotic and such compulsive liars that they drove all of their friends away. Everyone knows what you're doing. When 3 different people comment on an old post within 3 minutes of eachother kissing your ass for no reason, anyone with a brain knows it's you talking to yourself. Lame!!
3.) They steal people's pictures.

This one drives me crazy. PLEASE explain why you would steal another girl's pictures when she looks nothing like you. If you are that busted that you can't even use your own pictures, you shouldn't use social media PERIOD. Also;; don't think that we don't notice just because the face isn't showing. When you have the body of a 12 year old boy and suddenly there is a pic of a girl with an hourglass shape on your profile, you're not fooling anybody.

4.) They see something they like or think is cool and steal the idea.

It's one thing to like someone's shirt and buy it or like their hair style and do something similar, but when you copy everything they do, it makes you look pathetic. If you like something so much, put your own spin on it. Wear it a different way, add something to it, etc. If you like a quote that someone wrote, GIVE THEM CREDIT FOR IT. If you like an idea they used on their blog, make sure to point out that you got the idea from them. It's simple. As flattering as it is that certain people copy everything I do, it does get annoying. Be your own person, cus there will never be another me. ;)

My advice:

It's a damn shame that some women are so uncomfortable in their own skin that they have to steal pictures from people and lie. Some women are just a lost cause, but some can still change. If more women genuinely complimented each other and weren't so vicious, people probably wouldn't feel the need to do these things. BE YOU. People don't like fake;; fake girls are a dime a dozen in this city. Be yourself, have confidence, and own it. Everyone has flaws. Embrace what you like about yourself and don't think about the things you dislike, because majority of the time, no one will even notice the things that stick out to you as "ugly" about yourself. And PLEASE, be original, think of your own shit. Thanks. :)))

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