Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm Comin` Home...

(A blog from my Facebook written on 08/13/11.)

3 years ago today, I got my freedom back. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. I know everyone says this, but you really don't realize how lucky you are (even for the simplest things) until they're taken away from you. Everyone takes something (or someone) for granted. It happens. But through my experiences, I've learned to appreciate things a lot more.

Simple things like being able to wear my own clothes, use good smelling shampoo, flat ironing my hair, giving my kids a kiss, eating when I want, etc. I took for granted. Being stripped of everything is a really humbling experience. I've realized how important my freedom is to me, and I've done a complete 180. My behavior 3 or 4 years ago and my behavior now are complete opposites. I've realized my actions don't just hurt me, they hurt my family and friends as well. When I get in trouble for something, I'm taken away from the people that I love (and the people that love me). I've been through a lot, no one (except for one person) knows everything I've been through, and everything that's happened has happened for a reason. Honestly I used to be pretty selfish, thinking only about myself and not caring about how my actions effected my loved ones. Thank God for second (and third, and fourth, and fifth) chances. If it weren't for my family being so loving and forgiving, I would have no one.

Today I'm just glad that I'm home with my kids and my man, and that I've overcome things that some people never get a chance to overcome. Jail, institution, or death... I choose life. =]

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