Monday, July 30, 2012


(A blog from my Facebook written on 12/06/10.)

1. i'm one of the most impatient people you will ever meet.

2. if i don't get enough sleep, stay the hell away from me.

3. i have a scar under my chin from getting stitches after running into a couch at age 4.

4. i'm actually a really good driver.

5. i've been through more trials && tribulations than most 50 year olds.

6. i had 2 kids by the age of 21;; Nevaeh Izabela and Alexis Makayla;; and they are my heart && soul.

7. i used to "dance". sorry mom!!

8. i have a LOT of regrets, but my past has shaped me into the person i am now. love me or hate me, i'm me, all day every day.

9. even those closest to me don't know everything about me. ((although some might THINK they do.))

10. i got married within weeks of turning 18. i was in it for the long haul, but he wasn't. i don't regret it because that's how NaeNae came into this world. ;D

11. i love the month of december because of my bday and christmas, but i HATE snow.

12. my first car was a jeep liberty, and i've never loved another car as much!!

13. i was locked up for the majority of 2008.

14. Shana cole is my twin. i've never met someone so much like me!!

15. i watch and observe EVERYTHING. i have my mind made up about you within the first 2 minutes of meeting you.

16. my dream job would be a labor and delivery room nurse.

17. i have fun being single but i'd rather be in a relationship.

18. it takes me about an hour and a half (on average) to get ready.

19. i am a hugeee perv;; i talk about sex 24/7.

20. rap/hip hop is my fav kind of music but i love music from the 50s/60s.

21. i never turn my phone off but i get so pissed when i'm sleeping && someone calls/texts me about something stupid.

22. i know the west side of chicago like the back of my hand.

23. sarcasm is a big part of my humor.

24. i've been in love 3 times.

25. i would do anything for my family && the select few i consider besties.

to be continued...

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