Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Home Sweet Home... Apartment Tour

As promised, I'm going to post some pics of our new place. We have a roommate, like I said before he's super sweet and easy to get along with. I really love the area we're in because any store you could possibly need to go to is a 5 minute drive or less from our apartment. Our complex is really big. We have this walking trail that's made up of sidewalk/all these bridges and gazebos. There is water running along the whole thing and there is a huge fountain in the middle. Lexi loves taking walks there because there are a bunch of frogs/ducks/fish in the water. We have mutant frogs here LOL I've never seen frogs so big in my life. They're the size of a small squirrel, no joke. We have a really nice exercise room and a pool but obviously the pool is closed for the year. Here are the pics:

The walkway up to our building (at night).

The stairs leading into our building (that we never use because our patio door is right on the left side.)

Our front door (from the inside).

The big mirror next to the stairs/front door (I love it!!).

The view of the dining room from the stairs.

Our dining room table.
The kitchen sink/counter/view of our dining room/front door from the kitchen.

The track lighting in the kitchen... I love track lighting.
The other side of the kitchen/fridge.

The view from the bathroom door.

Toilet && shower.

again (view of the shower curtain).

The big fountain in the middle of the walking path.

Exercise room (this pic was taken from the Forest Cove website).
I didn't take pics of the living room because a lot of our stuff was in there and it was messy as hell. Lol. Obviously I'm not going to take pics of our roommates room either-- that's an invasion of privacy... I really miss living in Itasca but it's nice to be on our own. I'll get used to not living in Itasca, it'll just take time.

 I'm really proud of Tom and myself, it's nice to see our hard work finally paying off. He's working like crazy, I'm doing some work && looking for a full-time job. It's nice to see things finally starting to come together when they usually just seem to fall apart. It's also great to prove my haters wrong and to motivate people and show them that hard work and persistence does pay off in the end... Maybe a little bit of good karma helped too. ;) 

Thank you to everyone that has supported me throughout all this, especially my mom. I don't know what I'd do without her. She tried to keep me positive && was my shoulder to cry on many times in the past few months. She kept telling me that everything would work out && I wouldn't be miserable forever. I love my mom and I love our bond and am so happy that I have someone that I can always count on, no matter what. She is always there to listen, she'll never backstab me or screw me over, she won't use me, she loves me unconditionally && I don't know where I'd be without her. Thanks mama.

xo, Sarah

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