Monday, February 25, 2013

OPI Drip Dry Review

I've found yet another product to add to my "Holy Grail" products list. As most of you know, I do online surveys. I get a lot of gift cards including Amazon gift cards. While I was surfing Amazon one day I was looking through the OPI nail polishes and came across OPI Drip Dry. Of course, I went right to all of the makeup review sites and had to see what other people thought of this product. After reading a ton of rave reviews I decided to order it. (It was only $5.78 with shipping included, what did I have to lose?!)

Like my other reviews, I wanted to wait a little while and use it a few times before reviewing it. I did, and here are my thoughts:

Price: I'm very impressed with this product and think the price is on point.
Packaging: I love the packaging. The dropper is such a great idea and makes this very simple to apply.
How It Works: It's very easy and doesn't take much effort at all. You just use the dropper to drop 1-2 drops on each nail after painting it. Wait a minute or two, and it's dry to the touch and you can go about your day.
Product: This product does exactly what it says it will do. I usually do two coats and a top coat. I use the dropper and apply one drop (two drops to my thumbs) to each nail after each coat. I wait a little over a minute and it's dry to the touch. No fanning, no nail dryers, nothing. Just this product. I tend to paint my nails after I take a shower, right before bed, and I used to have the problem of messing up my nails because I'd go to sleep thinking my polish was dry enough, and wake up with smears and marks all over my nails. So annoying. After using this however, I woke up with perfect nails, looking exactly how they had the night before. It has no scent and I've noticed that it actually moisturizes my cuticles. Another cool thing about OPI Drip Dry is that if you accidentally have a bump or little lump on your nail from uneven brush strokes, it will smooth it out. It gives a perfect salon finish every time. I give this 5/5 stars and will definitely be repurchasing this. I would recommend this to everyone that paints their nails and doesn't want to wait 30 minutes for them to dry completely. :)

Have you tried this product? Do you want to? Are there similar products on the market that you have tried? Let me know in the comments. :)

xo, Sarah


  1. ohh this looks like a neat product! I have heard about it before, but never purchased it! I love how this can smooth out bumps on your polish since i ALWAYS have this problem!

  2. Ohhh, interesting! I heard that you're only supposed to apply the drops after your FINAL coat. And I thought, if I have to wait for each coat and the topcoat before I can use the drops, what's the point?! But if you did it after each coat and it worked, maybe it's worth a shot!


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