Sunday, February 24, 2013

h a u l a g e :))

I love reading/watching people's clothing, beauty, whatever (lol) hauls. I thought you guys might like seeing mine. This is a collective haul of things I've purchased in the last couple weeks. A lot of it was bought on sale, some was purchased in stores and some online. This was all bought with my own money and/or gift cards. Let's do this...

The first (and BEST) thing I've gotten in the past couple weeks is my Samsung Galaxy S3!! It was between that or the iPhone 5 but after being convinced by Tom who scours the internet for info on phones ALL THE TIME and knows a lot more about them than I do, I bought this one. I also read a ton of reviews which said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the top phone on the market at the moment, so I went with it.

Wet Seal:
"Orange" Lace Heart Dolman (it's actually more peach)- Wet Seal $22.50

"Uptown" Gray Skinny Jeans- Wet Seal $15 (on sale)
back pockets of the skinny jeans (above)

Reese Black V-Neck- Wet Seal $6.50 (I got 2 of these, both in black.)
6 Cute Flower Earring Set- Wet Seal  $3.38 (1/2 off + 10% off entire purchase for texting Wet Seal)

Rhinestone Love Cuff- Wet Seal $4.72 (1/2 off + 10% off entire purchase for texting Wet Seal)

view of the heart on the cuff. :)

Victoria's Secret:
5 for $25 panties (regularly between $8.50-$10.50 each)  - Victoria's Secret
Pink Knit Top- Victoria's Secret $26.99 (on sale from  $49.50)

the back

yayyy for sales :)) haha

Forever XXI:

Pink Bow Ring- Forever 21 $3.80

picture from the Forever XXI website (it's clearer than mine)

Pink and Gold Ring Set- Forever 21 $3.80

Pink Ring Set- Forever 21 $3.80

Pink Knit Top- Forever 21 $5.80
Hello Kitty Sleeveless Tee- Forever 21 $22.80
 (This top looked huge when I pulled it out of the box but once I tried it on it fit really nicely. It's supposed to be a little big on top and it's banded at the bottom. I got it in a size medium.)

close up of the sequined Hello Kitty
Chococat Pillow Bedding Set- Forever 21 (FREE because I had a coupon code for Buy 1 Get 1 Free any Hello Kitty item.)

Sheet Set
Gauzy White Top- Forever 21 $19.80

It's longer in the back.

Hi-Lo Studded Pocket Top- Forever 21 $19.80

I love the back because it's a lot longer, I can wear it with leggings (or jeans, or shorts, etc.).


GIGANTIC lighter (the size of my entire hand, LOL) - Walmart $5

PJ Pants- Walmart (around $10)

Misc. beauty items that I needed to re-stock my arsenal with. LOL - Walmart
Fold Over Shorts- Walmart $5.00

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color (Coral Reef)- Walmart under $3

Maybelline Color Whisper Lip Color- Walmart $5.94
Onyx Professional 100% Pure Acetone Nail Polish Remover- Walmart $0.99
(This stuff is THE BEST nail polish remover I've ever used, hands down. It removes glitter polish so easily. I'll have a review up about this product soon!!)


Phone Case- Mall Kiosk (Woodfield) $28.00
Drip Dry by O.P.I.- Amazon $5.78 (shipping included)
Steve Madden BParker Satchel- $108

Front/back/inside views of my new love. 

So that concludes my collective haul. I did not buy all of this at once. I had gift cards to some of these stores, some of which I got from doing surveys online. The purse was a gift from Tom for Valentine's Day since he didn't get me much for my birthday/Christmas. I used a little of my own money but for the most part this stuff was paid for by surveys! I'm telling you, if you put the time and effort into it and you sign up with the right companies, these surveys are worth your time. You can get gift cards to almost any store or website, Visa/Mastercard gift cards, cash, checks, money sent to your PayPal account, tons of free products to try, etc. If anyone is interested in the companies that I am signed up with or wants me to make a FAQ post about online surveys, let me know, I'd be more than happy to point you guys in the right direction. :)) Hope everyone is having a great weekend, I know I am! As usual, I have a few blog posts that are almost finished so keep an eye out for those soon!!

xo, Sarah


  1. Nice haulage! How do you like the Galaxy so far?
    & thanks for visiting my page!

    1. Hey! Thanks for visiting. :)

      I am in LOVE with my Galaxy S3! I was torn between that and the iPhone 5 but after reading a TON of reviews and talking about it with my phone obsessed fiance (LOL) we both decided to go with the Galaxy. It's a HUGE upgrade from the phone I had before, so I'm very very happy. haha.


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