Wednesday, August 22, 2012

mini Victoria's Secret Haul, 3 items for $2.19!!

I went to Woodfield Mall today and stopped in Victoria's Secret because I had all of these cards they mailed to me. I had one for a free lace trim Cheeky panty, a free lace trim Hipster panty, $10 off your purchase, and $10 off of any bra. I used all of them except for the $10 off of any bra. I got everything for only $2.19!! Here's what I got:

Everything I bought today.
Crazy coupon lady in the making ;)
free lace cheeky panty and free lace hipster panty
Love Spell perfume. It only cost me $2.19!
The panties were free, and with the $10 off card I got the panties and Love Spell perfume for only $2.19!! If you don't get the Victoria's Secret catalogs and promotional cards in the mail, sign up at You can also get them through email.

Happy shopping. ;)

xo, Sarah

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  1. What an amazing bargain! Obviously I should be paying more attention to sales and promotional offers at Victoria's Secret. I just paid full price for four gorgeous ruffled babydoll nighties at a Victoria's Secret store. They were very pretty and the employees were very courteous and helpful. I can't wait to go shopping ther again.


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