Friday, August 17, 2012

Life Update && Mini-Haul

Heylo :)

Sorry I haven't been posting much, I've been so busy. We moved out of our house in Itasca and we're out on our own now. My mom and step-dad are in town from South Carolina and I've been spending a ton of time with my family, especially my girls. It's so nice to spend time with both of them, they are best friends and inseparable. Here are some pics from the visit so far:

my world <3 (nice face, Nae)

sisters && BFFL

Tom, Lexi, and my G-Ma on her B-Day

Nevaeh feeding Lexi

August 2012

This week has been amazing and I haven't felt complete like this in a long time.

Now for the haul:

I went to the mall with my Grandma and mom yesterday. We went into Forever 21 and my Grandma told me to pick a few things out, it was so sweet. Here's what I got:

Floral Feather Earrings- Forever 21- $3.80

Hi-Low Heart Top- Forever 21- forgot the price, sorry!!

Cami w/ Built-In Shelf Bra- Forever21- $4.80

Long Sleeve Tee- Forever 21- forgot price. sorry!! (excuse the wrinkles, straight out of the bag. lol)

Fitted Oscar Wilde Tee- Forever 21- $16.80 (SOLD OUT)
Just got some basics and a few other things. The last tee is my FAVORITE, it's the perfect quote for my life... this tee was made for me!! LOL. Hope you guys enjoyed my haul, don't forget to comment!!

xo, Sarah

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