Saturday, January 18, 2014

[[Random Recent (Photo) Update]]

Hiii Beauties!

I've been doing a lot of product reviews, hauls, etc. and I just wanted to do an easy "what's going on in my life" update. :)

Our nephew Jack turned 1 this month, and we went to his birthday party. It was at the "Pavillion" and it was adorable because there was one room with a full-sized carousel and another room with a giant play place for the kids. Lexi loved it, and she met some new friends. It was really cute.

Lexi and the birthday boy, her cousin Jack.

Lexi and her aunt Asia. :)

Lexi && Me

Lexi and her new friend Olivia

Mike, Jack, and Jenny (Tom's brother, birthday boy, and Tom's sister-in-law)

A few days later it was Lexi's birthday. We did some fun little things with her on her special day but we're going to take her to Chuck-E-Cheese (per her request) this week sometime with the family. We wanted to do it this weekend but unfortunately some of our family caught the stomach flu && we wanted them to be there with us so we decided to wait. :(

Here are some other random photos we took today:

Me just messing around with my phone.

Proud of my "new" figure.

"She got a big booty, so I call her big booty." -- 2 Chainz ;)

My youngest daughter and I just hanging out. :)


I recently lost more weight and everyone and their mom has been noticing. It's a huge compliment when people comment on it, and it really motivates me to keep going. I guess my squats have been helping too because some random lady the other day said "Girl, you have a black girl booty! Did anyone ever tell you that?!" I started cracking up but once again, it made me feel good about myself. I've lost almost 20 pounds and I'm almost at my goal weight. It was a very gradual weight loss but I'm proud of myself && I did it the healthy way.

What have you been up to lately? Let me know in the comments below. :)

xo, Sarah


  1. You look beautiful! Congratulations on losing weight and being happy about it! I love kids, I have two of my own. They can be a challenge, but they are so sweet! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and sharing your experience. Happy Sunday!

  2. Great job dear, you're really beautiful now .... keep it up!
    Amazing pics... Lexi is so cute!!!!!

  3. Sarah, you do look lovely, you have a fabulous shape... once I tone up I have the same girly shape... I only have another 25 pounds I want to lose... Keep working hard to keep that beautiful shape :)

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments. :) You look fabulous now, so I can only imagine how gorgeous you look after losing weight. Keep it up Launna, if I can do it with my crazy life, I know you can! We can be each other's inspiration. ;) haha.

      xo, Sarah

  4. Happy Birthday to your nephew. You look great awesome images.

  5. Happy Birthday to your nephew!
    I have to say that you have a really good body shape!! (I really love your booty.. I've been trying to do more squats but it never works. Either I gain weight and get a butt or I lose 5 lbs and lose my butt hehe!) Congrats on the weight loss and It's good to hear that you did it in a healthy way!!

    1. Aww thanks Mindy!! Your comments are always super sweet. You have a really great shape too! For me, I've really been focusing on squats for my butt so I don't lose it, and it's been working. You have to be very consistent though. Luckily for me it's been working and even though I've lost the weight, my butt looks way better than it did to begin with! I don't know if you've seen the "squat challenge" on Facebook, but that's what I started out doing. You should check it out! ;)

      xo, Sarah

  6. hola
    where is the follow button for your GFC account ? or should I follow via bloglovin

  7. Aww Lexi and Jack are both soooo cute! Love photos!

    Rebecca Coco

  8. that's awesome! good for you girl! i lost 40 pounds but didn't tell anyone i was getting healthy. no one noticed at 20 or 30 but 40 finally my mom said something. i still wanna lose 30 more. i'll still be overweight by hollywood standards, but perfect for mine.

  9. nice post! you look happy and great!! congrats on the weight loss! it takes a lot of dedication and hard work! i lost 15 lbs in the last year and it was tough! keep it up :) xx
    - Andrea


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