Sunday, October 27, 2013

Razzle Dazzle Me Jewelry Review

Hello Lovelies,

I am excited to review a jewelry company called Razzle Dazzle Me. The owner, Roslyn LaDuke, was sweet enough to let me choose three pieces from her Etsy store for me to . I chose an ear cuff, a ring, and a midi ring. After I chose my items, she quickly shipped them. The jewelry was shipped from Tennessee to Chicago (where I'm from) and I was very impressed with how quickly my package arrived.

Upon opening the envelope, I was pleasantly surprised at the adorable packaging. Everything was very organized and protected well so that nothing broke during shipping process. If you want to know what I thought of the jewelry, keep reading. :)

Each item came individually wrapped very carefully. 

Unique feather ear cuff. 
Closer view of the feather ear cuff. 
The feather ear cuff is my favorite of all the things I was sent. I did a haul a while back where I showed you all a bow ear cuff that I had purchased. When I bought that, I fell in love with ear cuffs. They are so unique and I always get compliments when I wear them. This particular ear cuff from Razzle Dazzle Me is very well made. It's made out of silver and it's definitely a high quality piece. It's very comfortable to wear as well. I had it on all day today and it didn't bother me at all. It's a beautiful set and you can't beat the price. You can purchase the same set from Roslyn's Etsy store (Razzle Dazzle Me) for $10.00.

Adjustable Sterling Silver Midi Ring

The next item I want to show you is the sterling silver adjustable midi ring. It looks so cute and it fits right above your knuckle. It's a small piece but it adds a little something extra to your look. This is another well made, sturdy piece. This ring is only $11 at Razzle Dazzle Me.

Black and Silver Rosette Ring

I like this ring as well. The craftmanship on this ring is amazing. You can tell that the shop owner puts a lot of time and effort into making her merchandise. The detail in this ring surprised me, you can see the shape of the rose petals, etc. and it makes the ring even more beautiful. There are no sharp edges and it's very comfortable to wear. I wore it all day yesterday and had no problems. I actually almost went to bed with it on because I forgot I had it on. Most rings will start to annoy me after wearing them for a few hours but this ring is so lightweight and comfortable that I forgot I had it on! You can purchase the same ring from Razzle Dazzle Me on Etsy for $9.

Overall I was very pleased with all of the pieces Roslyn sent me. They were all beautiful, unique, and high quality. Her Etsy website has something for everyone. There are feathered ear cuffs in all different colors, beautiful midi rings, misc ear cuffs in all colors/shapes/sizes, beautiful necklaces, and so much more. I will be purchasing from her store soon because I am so in love with the items that she sent me. Roslyn was also kind enough to give me a coupon code for my readers to get 10% off! You have to use the code YES10 at checkout to receive 10% off of your purchase price. Make sure to check out Razzle Dazzle Me asap. You won't be disappointed.

Razzle Dazzle Me

Coupon Code: YES10

xo, Sarah


  1. Those look amazing !! Nice review :) thanks for visiting my blog- following you back! Xx

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  2. I love knuckle rings!!!! Have a lfab week honey!!!!

    1. Me too! I hope you have a fab week as well sweetie. :)

      xo, Sarah

  3. I love the midi ring! I'll def check our her shop!

    Voyage of the MeeMee

  4. All these items look so pretty and detailed. I can tell that she puts a lot of time into making her jewelry. Even her packaging is nicely done!
    Like you, my favorite item has to be the ear cuff. It's so pretty and unique. I personally don't wear earrings that often because my ears are sensitive to a lot of metals and earrings often feel heavy on my ear, but these are so cute and so reasonably priced!

  5. Hi, Sarah!

    First of all, thanks for stopping by today. =) I love having new visitors. And, when it's a fellow Chicagoan, it's all the better!

    These pieces are awesome! I'm going to check out the website right now. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You have good taste. I love your selections. Would you like to follow each other?

  7. Nice ;)

  8. very cool pieces - love the midi ring.


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