Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Accessories Flow

While I was bored in the car this morning,  I took a few snaps of my accessories. I love all aspects of fashion but I am definitely an accessories girl. I have ridiculous amounts of jewelry and purses. Maybe one day I'll do a closet/jewelry box tour. We'll see. For now though I just wanted to show you guys what I accessorized with today.

In the picture above I'm wearing three of my favorite pieces. I purchased the double heart ring on Amazon.com. The black and silver bracelet was given to me by my grandma. The Sweet♥ (sweetheart) affirmation bracelet is made by BCBG and was purchased at Macy's.

My watch (pictured above) was a Christmas gift from my fiance's sister. She bought it from Aeropostale. I bought the pink bow ring from Forever XXI.

The heart necklace in the photo above was a birthday gift so I'm not sure where it's from. It's definitely one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

The heart studs came in a set of 6 pairs of earrings from Wet Seal. I love these studs because the heart shape is adorable and they aren't huge and tacky. They're the perfect size and a unique spin on the classic stud earring.

So those are my accessories for today. Let me know if you want to see more posts like this or comment with some blog ideas in general. I'm always open to suggestions. :)

Have a great day today beauties!!

xo, Sarah


  1. The 2nd picture is really pretty!! this is going to sound random, but you have like perfect hands! My favorite piece that your wearing has to be that sweetheart bracelet in the first picture! It's so pretty!


    1. Thanks Mindy!! I actually don't like my hands at all...they just look weird to me. I wish they were more feminine. I loveeee my sweetheart bracelet too. I got it at Macy's and it was either $12 or $18 (I believe $12). It's more than I would normally spend on a little bracelet like that but I couldn't pass it up. I also needed more silver jewelry because the majority of my jewelry is gold. Thanks for the comment. ♡♥

      xo, Sarah

  2. Lovely jewerly! <3
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  3. Nice post
    1st pic is my fav!


    1. I agree! I love jewelry too!
      Follow me back? chiccupcake1.blogspot.com
      -Jenna <3

    2. Thanks Violet!

      Of course I'll follow you back Jenna! :) I'll subscribe now. xo

  4. I love the earrings and the necklace.

  5. Your heart earrings are so cute! Thanks so much for checking out and following my blog :) I'm following you back now.


  6. Cute nails :)


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