Thursday, January 16, 2014

Simple Necessit-ease BFF Period Undies Review

A few months back, I was contacted by Grace from Simple Necessit-ease. I was sent a pair of their new BFF Period Undies to review. When I saw the website I was really excited about trying these out because they were such a unique product. I haven't seen any other product like this.

I personally have a very heavy flow, and annoying leaks are a part of it. Unfortunately having a period every month is a part of being a woman, and leaks come with the territory. Sometimes my tampon will fill up too quickly, or my pad will shift and suddenly I look and notice I've leaked through my underwear. Ugh.

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The BFF Period Undies are backup protection for your (dreaded) time of the month. They are made out of a comfy mix of cotton and spandex. I was really surprised at how comfortable these underwear are. I received the bikini brief in black. These undies come in black, nude, baby pink, and light blue. Grace asked my size and sent me a medium. (I'm normally a small in thongs, and a medium in boyshorts/briefs, depending on the brand. I decided to get a medium because I do have a booty and didn't want them to be too small.) Size medium fit me perfectly. They are really soft and have just enough elasticity. A lot of brief style underwear ends up being really tight at the leg openings, but these were perfect and not too tight at all. One of my favorite things about this pair is that they were very breathable.

I had received these a few weeks ago, but obviously had to wait to start my period to test them out. I started my period a few days ago, and decided to try these out immediately. Normally if I wear a tampon, I wear a panty liner as well, because I always end up with a couple dots of blood on my underwear. This time, I just used a tampon and skipped the panty liner. I was really surprised at how well these underwear worked. I did end up having a slight leak, and they did exactly what they promised. The leak did not go through the underwear at all.

Since the BFF Period Undies are machine washable, they were a breeze to clean. I threw them in with other laundry, used my laundry detergent and fabric softener, and used the delicate setting to dry them. When I took them out of the dryer they were back to looking brand new and didn't have one stain on them.

Overall I'm very impressed with my new BFF Period Undies, and give them 5/5 stars. They do exactly what they promise, and I'm excited to add a new product to my arsenal and have extra protection from embarrassing leaks. I'm planning on purchasing more pairs so I have enough to wear them throughout my entire cycle each month. I'm not dreading my period (as much) because leaking is a problem of the past.

You can get your own BFF Period Undies here.

xo, Sarah


  1. Great information very helpful.

  2. Sarah, these sound great... I should get a few for my youngest.. thankfully I don't have that problem anymore ;-)

  3. Great review honey!!


  4. Really interesting post, full of info... tnx for sharing!!!
    Happy friday hun!!

  5. Hey Chica it's Amanda. Its cool how open you are, thats why every time you post a link on FaceBook I always come read your blog. I might have to check out the site that sells these because this is such a good idea!!!! Luv ya girlie!!!! x0x0

  6. sounds like a good product - they were good to wear all day, not getting uncomfortable? normally i'd change panty liners several times a day to feel comfortable.

    1. They were amazing. SO soft and comfortable, and very stretchy so they weren't tight on my bloated belly. You still wear a pad/tampon with them, but they're thick so they don't leak through. It's extra leak protection. I wore them all day and loved them!! :)

      xo, Sarah


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